Innovative designers and integrators of print finishing and packaging machinery with over 30 years of experience.

About & Contact

Finishing Solutions has been providing machinery and solutions to the print and packaging industries for over thirty years. 

Based in Deeside near Chester, we are well placed for Liverpool and Manchester airports, Chester railway station, M56 and M6 motorways.

Finishing Solutions also encompasses Friction Feeder UK and Paper Wrap UK which is a new division of the company.

Please get in touch with Ian Boulton with any enquiries:

Phone: 01244 267343

Key Personnel

Ian Boulton is the founding director of Finishing Solutions Ltd and Friction Feeder UK.

Z-Card: designed the first Z-card machine and ran the production facility in Runcorn for 6 years. Installed machines for the franchisees all over the world

MPI: designed and built machines for applying sachets to carrier sheets and ran the production facility for 5 years

Flic Pack: designed a carton/leaflet composite, patented it in 14 countries, designed and built a machine to make the pack and licensed it to Field Packaging

In-a-Sleeve: designed a ready meal sleeve with leaflet attached and patented it in the UK, built a production machine and then ran it supplying product distributed through Waitrose

Chrysalis carton: designed a carton/leaflet composite pack, patented it in 7 countries and licensed it to Burgopak

Machinery: dozens of feeders and bespoke machines for production lines